Last night Terius Nash, also known as The Dream, went off on twitter. He was subtweeting, saying Milian was a gold digger, old news/has been whose 15 minutes of fame was almost up. He sounded bitter & he fired back cause of Christina’s accusations of him being a bad father. After his crazy rant, he went on a radio station to clear everything up. Find out exactly what he said below.


First Nash had said:

Love You too. Those 15 minutes are almost up though boo!

She had a plan to come up before she met me I called her on it. Go digging for gold u might find it.. But its hard to carry that much weight

Publicity Stunt. Are people really this Stupid. If I had a serious issue concerning care for a loved one. I’d call the source…

Has Been….

When he realized all he had said, he came back with this:

“I just figured out people are attaching twitter things to Someone yesterday. Actually I was answering a Fan openly like I always do but Excluded they’re Name. So I’m sicerely Sorry if anyone was offended. Christina is a Good Parent and a Great role model. Just got back on twitter since yesterday had I known I was being watched by the feds. I wouldve put more thought that people would attach Any problems I have I call and discuss them and I desire the same. Didn’t know I was even important enough to be discussed. Its Sad I think People Love Tension and I won’t be playing this Game esp when a innocent child is involved.

This is why i argue to keep my Childrens lives as private as I can. Because the only people who actually care and should care are the people who made you..its a Mean World Can’t control what Christina Does all I can say is I wish her well and pray that in time we will heal. Because this helps no one. Love Always. Again sorry for the misleading info…. Even though I never attached her name or uttered her name in a Demeaning way. The truth is… Is all things need Time.

I have no strife with Christina for I know this life is To Long someXs you fght those u love most I’m sure none of what I’ve written that actually has a Name attached will get noticed. lol

I apologize 4 the Misunderstanding I’m way to blessed for that.Fasting on Negativity nothing but positive quotes will come from here, as I see my Voice is pretty loud these days lol” (Source: GG)