Public defender, Anya Cintron Stern, was fired Wednesday as someone reported a photo Stern took of her client’s underwear and posted on Facebook. The judge declared a mistrial and must assign a new lawyer. The leopard-print underwear was part of the clothing defendant, Fermin Recaide, was suppose to wear for trial. He is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend in 2010. Click below to read more.

Jason J.

A lawyer posted a photo of her client’s leopard-print underwear on her Facebook page, prompting a South Florida judge to declare a mistrial in a murder case.

The Miami Herald ( reports that public defender Anya Cintron Stern was fired Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, Stern snapped a photo of the underwear with her cell phone as corrections officers inspected a bag of clothing Fermin Recaide’s family had brought for him to wear to the trial. Officials say the caption suggested the family believed it was “proper attire for trial.”

But someone saw the photo and reported it to the judge, who declared a mistrial. Recaide is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend in 2010.

The judge must now assign a new lawyer and set a new trial date.

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