Wow! After Mitt Romney’s hidden camera video surfaced everyone has taken jabs at him! This week SNL decided to mock the Republican in a skit. Click below to view video.

Eloisa Melo

Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg have already ripped Mitt Romney apart (in their own unique way) for his offensive 47% comments, but it was Saturday Night Live’s turn on Thursday!

Jason Sudekis impersonated the Republican presidential candidate on Thursday night and went as far as to portray him as a total racist.

Poking fun at the fact that he was secretly recorded by a device just 20 feet away from him, Sudekis turns toward the table (above) and asks, “I’m sorry, sir, is that a camera on the table pointing right at me?”

After the camera literally shakes back and forth to imply “no”, he tells his donors that the 47% of people that won’t vote for him are “black people.”

The sketch goes on to take aim at Fox News for putting the usual political spin on the statements Romney made and then show other HIGHlarious hidden camera moments that capture his bigotry.

We couldn’t help but LOL at the part where he sits down at “MacDonalds” with the normal folks and can’t stomach a “hamburger sandwich” so he proceeds to spit it all over a voter’s face.

Perez Hilton