Rapper Mystikal said that if his next album flops he’s changing careers and it’s completely off from what he’s already doing! His forthcoming album will be his first since his 2001 album, Tarantula, which didn’t do so well on the charts. It’s also his first time releasing music since serving a bid in ’04 for sexual battery. Ironically, the rapper has kind of already had a hand in the new industry he would break into, he won an award for it in ’03. Find out what it is below.

Julie A.

Mystikal, who won an AVN award in 2003 for a porn he made, but wasn’t having sex in, told TMZ that he do porn as his plan b. According to him he knows he’s good at having “filthy” sex so if all else fails he’d stick to his given talent. He also stated that he wants Pinky to be his first co-host because “She’s a bad bitch. I would take her down in a second.”