A bus driver in Missouri has been suspended after she stopped the bus she was driving and made a strange demand to a 11-year-old student. The bus driver claims that it was a health issue for her and that the student was only off of the bus for about 2 minutes. The school district is currently interviewing about 30 other children who were on the bus as well to see what really happened. The driver could lose her job for her actions. Find out what she asked the student to do below.

Julie A.

The bus driver asked an 11-year-old girl to get off the bus, walk through a parking lot, and to the drive-thru at McDonald’s for some packages of mustard. A parent who contacted the station says her daughter was told by the driver, “Miss Bernice,” that she was having “dizzy spells,” her blood pressure was elevated, and that she needed the 11-year-old girl to go inside McDonald’s and procure mustard packets. The child subsequently got off the bus, crossed the parking lot and drive-thru area, and obtained the mustard. The driver has been placed on temporary leave pending results of the investigation, but some parents are saying that’s not enough, and that they do not feel comfortable allowing their children back on the bus with the driver.