I’m sure you all remember the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scandal with his maid Mildred Baena! Well now we find out that his wife Maria Shriver knew about the affair! Hey, a women instincts never lies to her! Read below for fulll details.

Eloisa Melo

Maria Shriver is no idiot, that’s for sure!

Those womanly instincts kicked in waaaay before Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed to having an affair with their maid Mildred Baena and fathering a secret love child back in May 2011.

According to a new book, Maria confronted Ah-nold during a couple’s therapy session, telling him that she suspected he was having an affair and spawned an illegitimate son with Baena years earlier.

At first, Arnie apparently lied about the affair and made several excuses, but then eventually gave in and told her everything about the cheating, the boy, and financially supporting Mildred and her fam. The sickest part of the story is that he also allegedly told Maria not to worry about the maid because he was still “turned on” by his wife.

Ewwwwww! Oh, so that makes everything okay! As long as you’re still attracted to the woman to whom you gave vows, it’s okay to go ahead and put your P in someone else’s V. Hmph. Good.To.Know.

The best thing that came out of all this is that Maria has since moved on, becoming stronger than ever. And luckily, she has NO plans of reconciling with the a–hole Arnold any time soon!

Perez Hilton