While some may laugh at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for the story I’m about to report on, let’s keep in mind a few things. When something works, it works. There is no true time table in relationships that is GUARANTEED to work. Look at Khloe and Lamar…they knew each other for a week, got married and just recently celebrated their third anniversary, more in love than ever. Then look at other couples, married with kids for decades and end up divorcing! You never know, so with Kim and Kanye both very in love, very understanding of each other because of their similar careers, very wealthy and not getting any younger….why not?! If a child is something they both want, I see no point in waiting around for one. Which is why I’m quite pleased with the word that the famous pair are looking to start trying as early as next year! There’s even talks of a new home as well! Details below.

Marisa Mendez

On a baby:
“Kim wants getting pregnant next year to be her top priority. She says she feels suffocated by her schedule promoting the Kardashian brand. Kim and Khloé are desperate to have children. Seeing Kourtney give birth has made them even more determined.”

On where they’ll live:
“Kanye thinks Kim’s family controls her and wants them to make a new life in New York. He doesn’t want other people telling them how to bring up their kids.”