Is it too soon to talk about marriages? After Kim Kardashian ended her last marriage (72 days of love), it had already been her SECOND. Now, she’s speaking about marriage again.. could it be with Kanye? One thing she does mention is, she will never have a marriage like the one she had with Kris Hump… Cool Kim.

Biz Baby

Kim says:

“It had always been my dream to have a big wedding, and when people said I’d made it over the top for the show, that was just me: I am over the top,”

She speaks abut details she wants for her next wedding:

“But the next time, I want to do it on an island with just my friends and family and that’s it.”

Meanwhile, she’s STILL battling Kris in divorce court.

She talks about her “staged” wedding:

“I mean, that is just not the person I am. Who would honestly get married for ratings? It’s not like the ratings had dropped and we needed a boost.

“Never mind other people’s emotions – who would mess with their own emotions in that way? And for me to do it and have it not work out was the most embarrassing thing. It was risking ruining my career.”

The reason she was in a dress is because Posing for England’s Tatler magazine in a wedding gown, but was it actually really for her own future wedding? I wonder…