(Photos) NBA: Kanye Gives Carmelo’s Son Fresh Pair Of Yeezys As They Enjoy Family Fight Night


The stars were out in Vegas for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight last night, but there was also some serious star power watching from home as well. Carmelo Anthony, along with wife Lala, Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle and Kanye & Kim K all hung out together for the biggest fight in the history of boxing. Melo & Dwade were focused on watching their good friend Chris Paul carry the Clippers past the Spurs before the fight happened, but the biggest event of the night may have belonged to Melo’s son, Kiyan. Kanye presented him a gift that thousands of people around the country wish they had.

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Kim Kardashian West Says Trying For Baby No. 2 Is “Getting Exhausting”


Kim Kardashian West has been very open about her struggle to conceive baby number two. Despite the torture from the public Kim received during her first pregnancy with North West, Kim is willing to do anything to get pregnant a second time. She admitted to have sex with Kanye “500 times a day”! Check out what other extreme measures she’s contemplating taking in order to have baby number two.

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(Video) Kylie Jenner’s Sisters Don’t Think She’s Ready To Be A Homeowner


Kylie Jenner recently purchased a 2.7 million dollar estate in a private gated community in Calabasas, California. As much as I am urning to give Kylie her brownie points for being a young independent women, there’s one problem…she’s not. She doesn’t even know how to do her laundry for Christ’s sake! But that’s what big sisters are for; Kim and Khloe sat down with Kylie to have a serious talk about being a home owner. Is Kylie rethinking her big purchase?

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(Photo) Stalk Your Favorite Celebrities


Now there is a way to stalk your favorite celebrities. Ever wonder what Beyonce had for dinner? , or better yet you want to see the outside of Kim kardashians house? Now you can!. There are actual websites and message boards that post daily updates of sightings of your favorite celebs. Smarp.com for example is a site that shows your credentials , your appearances and pictures of your sightings. This would be Paparazzi’s dream, leading them exactly where to go to get the best shots and best stories. But could this also be dangerous for potential stalkers and predators with not so great intentions?

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(Photo) Khloe Speaks MotherHood


Khloe speaks motherhood in recent interview leaving us all wondering is she ready to be a mom. If you kept up with the Kardashians , you recall Khloe even going to a fertility doctor wondering if she can have kids. Still not fully divorced from Lamar Odom , could reality sister Khloe be ready for a child

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(Video) Kim Kardashian Reveals How Bruce Jenner Is Doing With His Transition On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’


If it has to do with being in the public eye, Kim Kardashian is in there so you know she did NOT miss a chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live to chop it up about her step-father’s current situation. The reality TV vixen visited Jimmy Kimmel to speak out about how Bruce Jenner is doing after his huge coming out interview with Diane Sawyer. In the interview, Bruce said that Kim was his most supportive child. However, Kim says she’s 100% there for her step-father EXCEPT for if he tries to steal her glam team of gifted make-up artists and hair gurus. When speaking with Jimmy, she sent Bruce a warning to stay far, far away from her contour-and-highlight magicians, which is great that she can poke full of the situation.

“Bruce is doing really well, he is so happy and I think it’s a sense of relief from all of the amazing support that he’s felt. It’s a really brave thing to come out and be so truthful” she told Kimmel. “And to have all of that support just meant the world to him and our family.”

Love it! Check out the full video clip from Kim K. x Jimmy Kimmel below.

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(Video) Is Rob Kardashian Going To Rehab?


As the Kardashians and Jenners continue to kill the social scene, one question still reemerges…”Where’s Rob?” It seems like almost forever since the public has seen a healthy and confident Rob Kardashian. In attempts to help Rob clean up his act, the Kardashian matriarch, Kris used a classic “bate and switch” to get her son on board for rehab. Has she gone too far this time?

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(Photo) Met Gala Elevators !


Met Gala elevators have all the fun! If you remember last year, Solange Knowles Vs Jay Z’s elevator cat fight was the talk of Met Gala. Who will turn all the way up this year ? Lets run down a list of people attending and see what is in store for this year 2015 Met Gala. It has already been stated that Jay & Bey will not be in the building or the elevator this year, sorry.

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(Photos) Ooooo.. Shots Fired! Brody Jenner Pokes Fun At Kim Kardashian Online Then Deletes It!


Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian have a very strange sibling rivalry going on and things are now starting to heat up yet again. Ever since Kim and Kanye did not invite Brody’s girlfriend to their super secretive wedding, he has been salty. The thing is, being that the two are such popular celebrities, they were extremely selective as to who they allowed attend. Brody had just been dating his girlfriend for a short period time and they did not think it was appropriate. However, Brody was not happy about that what-so-ever and made it blatantly obvious by not showing up to his own sister’s special day.

Brody recently posted a photo to his Instagram page with his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, brother Brandon Jenner and mom Linda Thompson attending a wedding with a caption that reads, “Look… @kaitlynn_carter and I finally get to go to a wedding together!!!” Shortly after posting, he took it down. We’re guessing either his family members started going in on his life OR that he just started to feel bad. Yiiiiikesssss. What’s even more messed up is that Brody skipped out on KimYe’s wedding but he attended Reggie Bush’s wedding with his new wife (you know, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend for awhile.) When asked why he went to Reggie’s wedding he said, “Of course, why wouldn’t I, I love Reggie. Put Kanye and Reggie together in a burning building, guess who I’m saving? Reggie!”

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Kim Kardashian And The Rest Of Her Siblings Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transition … Or Are They Not?


Bruce Jenner’s transition has come as a surprise to most – can’t say that I was shocked – and for his children and step-children, there is still going to be an “adjustment period,” Kim Kardashian admits. During his Friday evening interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner’s kids hit up social media to confess how “proud” they were that he could be so brave with his story. Even Kim went on the TODAY Show Monday morning, to state her feelings on the topic. “I’m really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it,” she told TODAY’s Matt Lauer. “And that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That’s what life is about.”

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