(Photo) Can Pregnant Kim K Ever Catch A Break On A Red Carpet


We all know Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful females on the planet, but when it comes to the Red Carpet people always give her a hard time. It seems as if every big event she doesn’t pick the most complimenting attire. Lets keep in mind this year Kim is actually pregnant again , but check out this years VMA’s outfit worn by Kim Kardashian West.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Kim Kardashian’s Knockers Are Full Of Milk & Looking Extra Large!


Kim Kardashian gifted us with some new beach selfies of both herself and her busty chest.

Take a look at Kimmy’s boobs looking extra perky with all that milk inside!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Kylie Jenner Is Looking JUST Like Kim From The Back… SHEESH!


We’re not sure if it’s the age or not but after Kylie officially became legal, she has been looking like a SPITTING IMAGE of her big sister, Kim Kardashian (from the front AND back).

Some new bikini pics hit the ‘net of Kylie and she’s looking 100% like a mini Kimmy Cakes.

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Kim & Kanye Win $440K Over Leaked Engagement Video


Not only are they expecting baby #2 on the way, but KimYe is winning big these days when it comes to the lawsuits they got going on!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are collecting a total of $440,000 from a man named Chad Hurley from YouTube after a video clip of their engagement leaked all over the ‘Net.

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(Video) According To Uncle Luke “Before Kanye West, Rappers Wasn’t Wifin’ All These Hoes”


According to veteran emcee Uncle Luke too much has changed over the years when it comes to rap. He talked about how the line between R&B and Hip-Hop has been blurred and we can blame no one but Kanye West, who changed the game when he started having high profile relationships.

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Move Over Queen B: Beyonce Loses Her Spot As Most Followed Person On Instagram


Step aside Beyonce! Queen B has lost her spot as ‘The Most Followed Person on Instagram’ to the selfie queen Kim Kardashian. The numbers have been pretty close for quite sometime however the most recent numbers show that Kim has surpassed Beyonce by less than 70,000.

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Kanye West Will Allow North West To Appear On ‘KUWTK’ For A Pay Raise


Well, it seems that fatherhood may have softened Kayne West just a little bit. In the past Kayne was dead set against having his daughter North West on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, however we have learned that little Nori will appear in the upcoming seasons of the reality show along with her mother, Kim Kardashian, and her aunts and cousins. Kanye will only allow her if she sees a fat check.

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For The Ladies: Find Out EXACTLY What Make-Up Products Kim Kardashian Uses!

Kim Kardashian x Selfish

All of the make-up heads in the world have one thing in common: the extreme obsession with Kim Kardashian’s forever on fleek contour.

Last month, the head honcho of Kim Kardashian’s glam squad Mario Dedivanovic offered a class in Los Angeles where he detailed the 50-step process which broke down each step he goes through to beat Kim K’s face to perfection.

Totaling to about $1,200 in product alone, Kim’s make-up team uses over 40 separate creams, blushes, powders and gels to achieve her signature look. Let’s not forget to mention that the tools used alone costs about $1,700.

Ladies (or guys, whatever) – click below to see the FULL list of products and tools used by Kim K!

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(Photo 18+) Naked Kim Kardashian Slams Those Criticizing Her Baby Bump!


Looks like Kim Kardashian is trying to break the internet once again. This morning the reality star posted a completely naked photo of herself, slamming critics of her pregnancy body. In the photo you can see her growing baby bump, and she explains, “Everyone’s body is different, every pregnancy is very different!”

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(Photo) Kim Kardashian Shares Major Cleavage Pic To Celebrate Reaching 42 Million Followers On The Gram


Not only is Kim Kardashian’s baby bump is expanding, but so are her boobs. The social media diva shared a selfie of her cleavage to all her fans on IG. The expecting mama captioned the photo “42 mil.” Ok Kim, we see you!
Check out the picture in the gallery

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