Reverend Jesse Jackson was arrested earlier today while protesting with workers from a plant in Illinois. The manufacturer, owned by Bain Capital, is being shuttered for one in China. Mitt Romney is a former employee of Bain Capital, who has a dark reputation of shuttering U.S. entities by draining assets and leaving the company on the hook for any arising debts. Click below to read more.

Funk Flex

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has been arrested in a group of protesting northern Illinois workers during an act of civil disobedience in Freeport.

Michael Peery, a spokesman for Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, tells The Associated Press that Jackson was taken into custody Wednesday with about a dozen workers. He is expected to be released later in the day.

Freeport police didn’t immediately have comment.

Sensata Technologies is owned by Bain Capital and in the process of moving its Freeport manufacturing operations to China. That’ll cost Freeport 170 jobs.