Crazy!! How Much Is An Oscar Worth?!?!

Have you ever wondered how much an Oscar was worth? That golden statue that every actor, director, producer, etc. dreams of holding one day. You would be surprised to know that the award cost only 400 dollars to manufacture, yet each year film distributors spend millions of dollars on advertisement campaigns to take one of those trophies home. Producers spend many millions of dollars on Oscar campaigns, hosting events, having screenings for academy members, even sending out copies of their movies to academy members. Some times the actors fly out to attend screenings and do Q&A’s. The producers of, “The Hurt Locker” which won best picture in 2010 are rumored to have spent 15 Million on their campaign (give or take a million). Hollywood spends about 150 Million dollars a year to win an Oscar. With that amount of money they could manufacture 375,000 of those golden statues a year.

Apple Relocating Manufacturing To USA??

With tension growing at Apple’s china-based manufacturing company, relocating would probably be in their best interest for future endeavors. Not that this is something they can do over night, but it is now clear they are definitely taking initial steps in the process. Apple has released their latest model of the iMac and some are finding some home-made branding on their units. Hit the jump for the story Tat Wza

Rev. Jesse Jackson Arrested During Protest Against Bain Capital

Reverend Jesse Jackson was arrested earlier today while protesting with workers from a plant in Illinois. The manufacturer, owned by Bain Capital, is being shuttered for one in China. Mitt Romney is a former employee of Bain Capital, who has a dark reputation of shuttering U.S. entities by draining assets and leaving the company on the hook for any arising debts. Click below to read more. Funk Flex

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