With tension growing at Apple’s china-based manufacturing company, relocating would probably be in their best interest for future endeavors. Not that this is something they can do over night, but it is now clear they are definitely taking initial steps in the process. Apple has released their latest model of the iMac and some are finding some home-made branding on their units. Hit the jump for the story

Tat Wza

Since almost the start of the manufacturing of Apple products, they bared a stamp along with the serial code and FCC logo that read “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” This is imprinted on every product that is assembled and shipped out. However, their new iMacs that just recently shipped have a slightly different imprint. Stating they were assembled in our good ol’ USA, there has been no specification as to wether they are working with a new third-party company or putting their Elk Grove, CA manufacturing plant to work.

Having not been up and functional since 2004, Apple’s Elk Grove plant employed more than 1,500 people who pumped out computers 7 days a week. Ironically Tim Cook, Senior VP of Worldwide Operations, was responsible for that successful move that increased efficiency and profit margins. Either way, it takes more than just a location of your factory to bare the “Assembled in USA” moniker.

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