(Photo) Here We Go!!! Pic Of iPhone 6 At Factory Leaks!!!


These are the Posts I live for!! All I know is they’re testing the iPhone out, not much else to say but check it out and tell me what you think!!

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Stephon Marbury Cries After Winning 2nd CBA Title With Beijing Ducks

IFWT_SM win again

Congratulations to Stephon Marbury & The Beijing Ducks!  The Ducks won their 2nd title in three seasons & Marbury couldn’t help but cry.  They won 98-88 in Game 6 against the Xinjiang Flying Tigers.  Check out the collage of pics…

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(Photos) Apple Schematic Leaks! And The Size Of The iPhone 6 IS….


Exciting for all of those of you(like me) whom really have their eye out for anything relevant on the new iPhone! Now there have been hopes of an iPhone Air, although a case leak kinda put that to rest, but now with a spec leak…it’s all but confirmed!

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(Photos) Breaking News: Has A Chinese Satellite Found The Missing Malaysian Flight?

last search for missing malaysian flight

During a press meeting this morning, Malaysian defense minister Hishammuddin Hussein received news that China has satellite pictures of a large object in the Indian Ocean. To read more, click below.

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(Photos) One Man Has 3 Nails Hammered Into His Head!!!


One man, unnamed, from Fuhian Province, China had three 4-inch nails hammered into his head. Despite the man claiming that he did it himself, the doctors that removed them suspect that it was foul play. What’s crazy is that, once the nails were removed, the man had no permanent physical damage. Hit the jump to see his X-ray.

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(Video) Fingerprints Of All Those Aboard Missing Malaysian Flight 370 Being Investigated By FBI

officials investigate stolen passports on malaysia airlines flight

Just a few days ago, Malaysian flight 370 went missing with a total of 239 passengers on board. As of now, there has yet to be any sign of the missing aircraft, leaving everyone completely puzzled. Officials have discovered that two of the passengers boarded the airline with stolen passports, although no sign of distress or terorristic acts have come up thus far. However, fingerprints of all those who boarded the plane were taken at the airport and are currently being investigated by the FBI. Take a look at the latest news report below.

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(Photos) Malaysian Jet Carrying 239 People Disappeared !!

Imagine waiting for your family at the airport, only to realize that they might not ever show up? A Malaysian Jet that was carrying 239 people, including 4 Americans, disappeared. The plane lost contact with air traffic control and remained missing up until 8 hours later. You know what that means… SMH.. check out the details!

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(Video) #WhereDeyDoDatAt: Woman Casually Takes It ALL OFF On The Subway!


If you’ve ever rode on the subway, you’re familiar with the very peculiar things that one may see. A chick was recently caught on tape in China changing her outfit on the subway, baring it all for the passengers to see (and now the whole world since it was video tapped).

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(Video) Knife Wielding Terrorists Attack In Chinese Train Station!

terrorists attack chinese train station

Knife wielding terrorists attacked commuters in a train station in Kunming, China. A group of 10 men, dressed in all black, killed at least 33 people and injured another 143. Authorities say this attack was premeditated, carried out by the Xinjiang (a separatist organization). Police managed to kill 4 of the terrorists, one of which was a woman. Another assailant, also a woman, was arrested; the other terrorists managed to escape the scene. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

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(Video) WTF! Man Pushes Girlfriend Down Manhole, Leaving Her Trapped For Days?!


A Chinese Man has been arrested after pushing his girlfriend into manhole, causing her to be trapped for three days! The December incident occurred when the Chinese man, set his then girlfriend up by bringing her and pushing her into a manhole he had previously opened. Check out the graphic video below.

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