The worst nightmares. This Chinese woman had an unfortunate fate as she was trapped inside an elevator for a month and ultimately starved to death. Two people are being charged now with manslaughter because of it. Hit the jump.

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In China, a 43-year old woman was found dead after being trapped in her apartment building’s elevator from January 30 – March 1. Her body was discovered by the apartment building’s maintenance workers as she became trapped after the power was cut off from the malfunctioning elevator.

Employees left for an extended month long Chinese New Year break, and when they returned they found the horrific death scene with scratch marks along the walls.

Two have been arrested and charged with manslaughter for what is being described as “gross negligence”, since they didn’t check to see if anyone was inside before leaving the building for a month’s time. Police also said the woman lived alone with barely any visitors, and had been suffering from mental illness following a divorce. Rest in peace.