The New England Compounding Center has been shuttered permanently due to the ongoing outbreak and evidence pointing the finger at the facility. 323 cases of stroke and other afflictions have been reported stemming from spinal injections of their steroid. 14,000 people may have received such an injection prior to the recall issued on September 26th. Click below to read more.

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About 14,000 people may have received injections of tainted steroids produced by the New England Compounding Center of Framingham, Mass. The firm has been shut down, its products recalled and it license permanently revoked.

On Wednesday, the CDC reported that the most serious infections and illnesses, including stroke and death, appear to occur within the first 42 days — six weeks — after receiving the injections. The agency said that the risk of developing serious complications is much lower after that.

Because the NECC drugs were recalled on Sept. 26, the CDC estimates that the highest risk of infections will end on about Nov. 6.