Exclusve Global Grind Interview Of The RZA Part 3
Now All 3 Video’s of the Exclusive GlobalGrind Interview of RZA and Funk Flex, and you Will want to see it, “Man With The Iron Fists”(In Theaters This Friday!!!!), which looks Crazier Every time We see footage, which you can see New footage in Part 3 of the 3 Part Interview series, And Part 3 Breaks Down How Wu-Tang and Bad Boy Could Of Had Serious Beef, just after the Jump!

Funk Flex

If you’re a Wu-Head like most True Hip Hop fans, RZA breaks down some stuff we did know about Wu-Tang, like who were the actual founders, and what they did, even talk of Biggie and Tupac, I have to be So Honest, this is Extremely Dope!!! You’ll be able to Check out the Movie This Friday(November 2nd) in theaters starring Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Dave Bautista and many more!

BUT Listen when I tell you, there is Bonus Footage That is a Must See, RZA Speaks on the infamous Source Awards where Suge Knight Dissed some other executive Producers that lead to the East Coast/West Coast Hip Hop Beef, Just Hit this Link to See it All:


Also, A Must is to go to:

Also check out my man, RZA’s Blog: RzaIronFist.com

Official Movie Site is: www.ironfists.com

Exclusive Globalgrind Interview With The RZA

“Man With The IronFists” In Theaters This Friday(Nov 2nd)