Let me start by saying this was EXTREMELY painful to do. smh.  Anyone that’s lost a bet, esp. to their division rival knows how I feel.  It took me 8 weeks to pay up on my bet (could have been worse *ahem ahem* P. Knotts – still owes me from last season.  Damn Jets fans).

In week 1 of the football season, DJJuanyto and I made a bet on the Giants/Cowgirls Cowboys game.  I figured how could we possibly lose?  Coming off a Super Bowl win — in our stadium — no way were we going to lose son!  Yep, I was wrong.  The Cowboys came into our home and beat us 24-17.

Last season Juanyto lost a bet to me and had to rock a Giants jersey.  Now it’s my time to pay up and have to rock a Cowboys jersey (it still stings).  Looks like we’re now even and next time the stakes are goin up!


*Photo above in gallery*