For those of you who don’t know what “Geordie Shore” is, its a UK version of our Jersey Shore. One of the stars of the show, Holly Hagan is known for having lots of sex on the show and said she LOVES having sex on camera because it’s better than having sex off air since you have to work harder!… Check out below to see some pics of Holly Hagan!

Holly Hagan 1

Holly Hagan 2

Funk Flex

She said: “There’s a level to being fun and drunk and a little bit crazy but also being likable. The Valleys have looked at us and thought, “What can we do to be wilder?” They take it to a different level where it doesn’t look fun any more and it’s really forced.
“There’s a difference between having fun and getting your f**** out for every single person. We’re not like that on Geordie Shore. We do have sex – but it’s for fun, not for the attention. The Valleys just comes across as desperate.”
And there is one famous star that Holly thinks would have been great on Geordie Shore – Cheryl Cole.
Holly said: “I think if Cheryl Cole had gone on Geordie Shore when she was my age, she’d have been so amazing! She’d probably have been exactly the same as me!
“Now she’s got all the media attention, she probably wouldn’t want to embarrass herself and probably wouldn’t be as fun as we think she would. I reckon she’d be a lot more fun after she’d necked a few Jägerbombs, though!”

The Sun