A north American version of theTomb Raider Collector Edition will be dropping soon and will include “Endurance Survival Kit” which will have a 8 inch Lara Croft doll,  a map and poster and some other collectibles .  All this will run you a cool $100,  too bad it does’nt include any physical games even though  DLC is available.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

The North American Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition costs $100 and includes an “Endurance Survival Kit” tin, an 8-inch Lara Croft figurine that comes with three sets of extra hands (creepy), a 15-by-19-inch reversible map and poster, a 5-by-7-inch art print and three iron-on badges, and that’s just the stuff you can put on your shelf. The Collector’s Edition also includes the soundtrack CD and the weapons pack DLC.

European fans can get the Survival Edition, which has an art book and waterproof survival pouch alongside the map, soundtrack and DLC. The European Collector’s Edition includes the Survival goodies, and adds the North American figurine and Endurance tin.