After being introduced in San Francisco just over a month ago, eBay Now is live in Manhattan going as far as 125th Street & the western edge of Brooklyn. Inventory includes stores like Target, Best Buy, Macy’s & Walgreens. A courier will come to wherever you are within an hour of ordering your item. At the moment, it only works through its iPhone app. Read more about it after the jump.

Tat Wza

eBay’s same-day delivery service is making a stop in New York, with the e-commerce giant expanding its new program to parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Richelle Parham, chief marketing officer of eBay Marketplaces, noted in a post that the eBay Now mobile app now allows shoppers to receive items from hundreds of retailers in New York, typically within an hour. The service will be available in Manhattan as far north as 125th Street and at the western edge of Brooklyn.

And to attract new users, the company plans to take $15 off shoppers’ first order and make the first three deliveries free. eBay noted subsequent deliveries will be $5 each while eBay now remains in beta.