32 Rhodes Scholars were announced today representing a broadly diverse group of bright students from all stretches of the country. The Rhodes Scholarship named after John Cecil Rhodes is an international postgraduate award which includes admission to the University of Oxford. Some of the recipients are so excited they probably want somebody to pinch them, all of them have incredible stories. Hit the jump for more.

“I keep sort of checking my phone to see if this actually happened,” said David Carel, a Yale University senior and one of seven recipients from the school. “It’s so hard to believe I just sort of assume I dreamed the whole thing.”
Carel said he hopes to use his scholarship to study how health, education and economics intersect.

Rhiana Gunn-Wright’s ambitions stem from her childhood in the impoverished Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.
“I’ve seen the way that poverty robs people of their opportunity to explore their capabilities,” she said. The Yale graduate currently researches poverty’s effects on people’s access to a college education and hopes to one day help reform social welfare policy

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Click here for a list of all the lucky scholars! We wish them success.
Rhodes Scholars