Laura McClendon, a Missouri mother died in a car crash after another driver lost control due to a sneezing fit. Apparently McClendon wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and she had her 1 year old son with her in the car at the time of the accident. Kathleen Brady, the driver of the other car, a local school teacher was citied with reckless and imprudent driving, she also failed to show proof of insurance. Hit the jump for more.

Laura McClendon, 30, wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when her car collided with Kathleen Brady’s minivan on a Smithville, Mo., highway Wednesday, The Kansas City Star reported.
Brady, a local schoolteacher, started “sneezing violently” just before she hit the single mother’s car head-on.

This is not the first time a bout of sneezing had led to a fatal accident.
Last year, a driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed it into a tree in Salisbury, Md., when he had a sneezing fit. His passenger died.

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