Talk about fighting for women’s rights! Gina Crosley-Corcoran, blogger for The Feminist Breeder, was recently suspended on Facebook for 3 days for posting a photo of her child holding her breast and a piece of bacon (LOL!). She’s not willing to back down. Find out the exact details and actual photo after the jump!

Tat Wza

Caption of the photo was:

“And now, you’ve seen everything: Jolene swiped bacon off my plate and tried to nurse and eat at the same time. When I got bit, I told her she had to choose. She chose bacon. :)”

*Photo up in the gallery*

The photo had 1,500 people “liked” it and 40 people shared it, but Facebook didn’t feel this way. The photo was marked as inappropriate. In the past when mother’s had posted a bunch of breastfeeding photos, Facebook told Huffington Post:

“We agree that breastfeeding is natural and we are very glad to know that it is important for mothers, including the many mothers who work at Facebook, to share their experience with others on the site. The vast majority of breastfeeding photos are compliant with our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Facebook takes no action on such content. However, photos which contain a fully exposed breast, do violate our terms and may be removed if they are reported to us.”

Now that her Facebook is back, she hasn’t taken this as a warning at all – her plan is to flood her account with breastfeeding flicks for the next 72 hours. She wants Facebook to know that it is natural!