A child should always be able to go to their parent’s if anything bad happens to them, however one Alabama little girl was actually being set up by her own father! In 2008, her father, Donnie Holland tricked his daughter into going to the “pet store” so he could watch her uncle,Dustin Alton Kent rap her?!.. Now Kent and Holland are suspects of their missing 19 year old niece Brittney Wood! …What is this world coming to?! For the whole story click below.


Police say Dustin Alton Kent raped his niece, then 13, in 2008. The girl’s father, who committed suicide in June, allegedly said he’d take her to the pet store and instead picked up Kent, whom he is said to have watched rape his daughter.

An Alabama man suspected of being part of a pedophile ring allegedly raped his 13-year-old niece – while her father watched.

Dustin Alton Kent sexually assaulted the teenager after the girl’s dad, Donnie Holland, drove them to a secluded trail in 2008, a police officer testified at Kent’s trial.

Both Kent and Holland are suspected of being part of an incestuous pedophile ring that police say may be connected to the disappearance of their 19-year-old niece Brittney Wood, who vanished more than four months ago.

“From the evidence I have seen, this is sort of a collection of pedophiles,” Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson told NBC affiliate WPMI.

Kent’s attorney insisted there was no link between the rape charges against Kent and Wood’s disappearance.

“I know there’s been a lot of speculation,” John Beck said. “My client had absolutely no involvement in that case at all.”
But cops say Wood, the mother of a 2-year-old girl, told people she was planning to visit Holland before she vanished on May 30. And several of Wood’s relatives, including her own brother, have been charged with incest and rape.

Kent was finally charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy in connection with the alleged attack on his niece after Holland killed himself with a bullet to the head – and his daughter told her tale of being violated in front of her father’s eyes to police, the Mobile Register newspaper reported.
Kent is currently free on bail and has been forbidden from having any contact with his accuser or the children of any other relatives. He is also charged preying on other children in another Alabama county. Authorities say he molested multiple victims.

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