When I was a kid and I would keep bothering my mom sometimes she would tease me saying she was going to give me away… But she never actually tried. However, in Chicago, Joseph Corter a father of a preschooler, was not joking when he told his son he was going to give him away. Police said he was intoxicated and asked several people at a bus station if they would be willing to take his son. After everyone declined to take his son, Corter tried to leave the 3-year-old at the station and leave the scene BUT security officers saw him and stopped him….For the rest of the story click below.


He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.

The 31-year-old father was arrested at the Chicago Greyhound station on Saturday. The boy was handed over to DCFS custody, and he was reported to be physically unharmed. Corter has been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, a fairly low-level charge. DCFS says it will launch an investigation into possible child neglect.

The whereabouts of the child’s mother are unknown.

Some feel as though the punishment, in this case, does not fit the crime. The Stir writer Julie Ryan Evans admits that there is no report as to what will happen to the child after the incident; if it is a first offense, the boy will likely be returned to his father. “I imagine,” she writes, “if it’s a first offense there may be some classes or counseling required, but the boy will likely be back with his father before we can blink. Back with a man who tried to give him away. And I can’t help but thinking how wrong that might be.”

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