I don’t know what is going on the circle of comedians, but it needs to stop. First, Katt Williams and now…MIKE EPPS. For his birthday, Mike went out to Tru night club in Hollywood, and no sooner then him and his team walking through the door gunshots are heard. Surveillance of Mike was found with him attacking another party goer. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

Sources tell TMZ … before the fight, Mike had been “heckled” by a man who was hanging around Mike’s private VIP table that night … and Mike decided to go outside in an effort to cool off.

But as Mike got close to the front door, he and the heckler crossed paths … and the video shows Mike rushing after the man in anger. The camera rolled as drinks start to fly … and security scrambled to take control of the situation.

Moments after the skirmish, Mike can be seen with his private security team inside the club … while the rest of the clubgoers continue to dance, unfazed by the melee.