John Collazos, an alleged fake dentist, has been arrested for kissing his patient’s butt while treating her for a toothache.  The patient said that he had applied a topical cream to numb her mouth and that did not work so he went to inject her butt to soothe the pain. Um I don’t know how he got this far without her running out of the room, anyway he then kissed her butt after the injection.  Hit the jump for details.

Steph B

Two months ago, Collazos was arrested by police in nearby Davie for allegedly practicing unlicensed dentistry in a warehouse. Police said that Collazos directed his services towards immigrants and in one case made a sexual advance on a woman who came to him as a patient, according to WSVN.

Police identified four alleged victims of Collazos’ business. He’s been charged with practicing dental hygeine without a license, a misdemeanor.