You never say no to the Kardashian. Well ‘X Factor’ finalists Emblem3 did, when Kris Jenner recently tried to hire them for a job. Why did they turn down Mrs.Jenner?
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Sources close to the K-clan tell TMZ … Kendall Jenner is obsessed with the Cali boy band and wanted them to play a gig at her recent 17th birthday bash. We’re told her famous fam stepped in to help — Khloe (who is hosting “X”) got the band’s contact info and Kris made the call. Problem is … the boys declined.

According to our sources, since Wesley, Drew and Keaton are still competing on the show, they couldn’t find the time in between rehearsals to do the party … though we’re told they would have loved to.

Despite the set-back, little Jenner still had a great time … prolly ’cause her super rich parents turned their pool (ya know, at their giant mansion) … into her own personal ice-skating rink.

Hard knock life.