This S* needs to STOP! Not only does Kevin Clash (the voice of Elmo, until about a weEk ago), have a thrid accuser, but this one (named, John Doe ???) is saying he got me drunk for, “Oral sex and digital penetration.” WTF is digital penetration ??? He using computers or what !? This man has quit his job of 30+ years and his name is gutter now. Who is telling the truth? #SHAMEful. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

The accuser — now 28 — says he was in NYC pursuing modeling opportunities when Clash invited him to his swanky NYC apartment, which was strewn with Elmo dolls and photos of Elmo with famous people, including Beyonce and Tyra Banks.

During the encounter, the accuser — who refers to himself as John Doe — claims Clash plied him with alcohol and “groomed him,” and then engaged in sexual contact that included “oral sex and digital penetration of John’s anus.”