Technology moves so fast, not just for adults but kids and toys as well. Struggle coming up with gift ideas for your kids? Nephew? Niece? This is a top 10 list of brand new toys that just hit market. No restrictions, they have toys for all! Boy, girl, baby… its all there. Hit the jump

Tat Wza

1. Barbie Photo Fashion Doll
Age: 6+
Price: $50
Buy: From Mattel

This Barbie doubles as a digital camera, with a built-in best-shot billboard. By pressing her belt buckle, you turn on a lens embedded in Barbie’s back, which features a 0.3-megapixel camera. The camera shoots and stores up to 200 photos, and displays them on the LED backlit screen built-in to Barbie’s shirt. Kids can customize photos with more than 30 filters, frames, and stamps. Compatible with both Mac and PC, Barbie Photo Fashion Doll can encourage creativity in a modern, pop culture sort of way way. Look out supermodel-turned-supermogul Tyra Banks, this Barbie is on to your kind of multimedia super powers.

7. PlayStation Wonderbook
Ages: 7+
Cost: $40 for stand alone, $80 for the PS3 bundle

The new PlayStation Wonderbook is essentially a digital,holographic pop-up book. It works with the PlayStation Eye camera to “see” what’s happening in real-time, then layer it augmented reality-style with various events and activities on the screen. The first title coming out is the “Book of Spells,” written by J.K. Rowling. It teaches you how to become a wizard, and by using the PlayStation Move controller, you can actually perform spells with an onscreen wizard’s wand. It’s sure to captivate and engage audiences young and old, with it’s multi-sensory storytelling magic.

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