In WTF News: Creepy Fan Sends Ariana Grande WHAT In The Mail?!

ariana grande talks diva rumors

It’s quite normal for celebrities to receive different types of gifts and packages in the mail from loving fans. However, Ariana Grande had to put an end to the odd presents she was receiving from a man in Massachusetts. Police had to make a visit to 29-year-old Tim Normandin’s home to give him a warning that if he sent anything else to Ariana at her record label, he would be facing some serious criminal charges. Some of the strange things Normandin sent includeded a 42.5 LB pumpkin, 8 Yankee candles, dog and cat calendars, 3-piece mirror set from Kmart, $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers and rocks from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It’s not like any of these things are dangerous, but it’s just a little bugged out to be receiving nonstop at a record label.

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(Video+ Photos) French Montana Drops How Much For Khloe’s Birthday?!


They’re not still denying they’re together right? Because that would just be absurd at this point. On top of getting Khloe a $50,000 Jeep, French Montana also spent about another $50K on gifts to shower over his new boo thing on her birthday. Find out what else he got her after the jump!

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(PHOTO) NBA: LeBron James Surprises Teammates With Special Gifts!


If anything, it makes for a pretty cool picture — Birdman def. looks like he belongs. Lol.  LeBron has always had a thing for the WWE and was surprised for his birthday with a real belt from The Rock.  Well now LeBron is paying it forward.  Check out what he surprised his teammates with today…

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(Photo) Oh Boy! Rihanna Slams A Fan For, “Begging For Purses!”


Rihanna’s mouth, as far as slickness goes, is probably on the same level as Kanye’s, but I’m thinking that maybe – JUST MAYBE – this girl had it coming to her. With the season of giving in the air, we’re all getting gifts. That includes RiRi, and like the rest of us IG account holders, the Barbadian posts her presents online. One on-looker in particular suggested that Ri was flaunting her new things (a Prada purse, specifically), and well…you know how Rihanna gets. Hit the jump for the shut-down.

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(Video) LOL! Grandmother Who Turns 100 Years Old Wants WHAT For Her Birthday?!


LOL! This has to be the cutest..Yet Funniest video we have all seen from an elderly person. A grandmother gets interviewed and is asked what she wants for turning a whooping 100 years old!! And while she has no filter and is surrounded by her grandkids, and her children she isn’t shy about what she wants….Check out the video after the jump….

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(Photos) Ludacris’ Girlfriend, Eudoxie Gets Backlash For Giving White Baby Dolls To Black Children!


#SHAMEful…You’re damned if you do – You’re damned if you don’t. Luda’s girlfriend, Eudoxie visited her hometown back in Gabon, located in Central Africa, and she decided she wanted to bare gits. Dolls babies and barbies – with the skin tones on the lighter side. Once she posted the photos of the toys to her IG, people flew off the handle. WHY AREN’T THEY BLACK?!

First – I’m questioning if she’s even black…Second – Should it matter, since they are toys, and it’s up to a parent to let their kids know that no matter your skin color, you’re just as good-looking and can do what ever you want…Third – Why are you clockin’ her gift givin’? People are crazy!
Eudoxie replied with a message for those who has a problem with the color of her gifts. Hit the jump for the message.

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(PHOTO) NFL: RG3 Sends Hand Written Thank-You Note For Wedding Gifts From Fans


After being under fire for accepting a ton of wedding gifts from fans, RG3 is proving he’s not such a bad guy.  As he pointed out, he didn’t ask for the gifts, fans sent it on their own. So as a thank you, Griffin sent a hand written personal card giving thanks.  Check out what one fan shared…

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant Buys the Team Laptops For Making the Playoffs

Kobe Bryant

#Mambagifts #countonkobe.  Although he’s out with his injury, Kobe has been very active with the Lakers playoff process.  He made a promise that the Lakers would make the playoffs and he wanted to show his appreciation to his teammates for helping him fulfill that promise.  To do so he gave each of them brand new laptops.  Check it out after the jump.

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Moving on From Deion! Pilar Sanders Linked To YMCMB Member?!


On to the next!  Here we go. SMH. While Deion Sanders and Pilar’s divorce has been a very public mess, it looks like Pilar has a new sugar daddy and is keep it a secret because she wants that Deion money.  All of the details haven’t come out yet, but a reliable source says she’s being laced with all kinds of gifts from a certain YMCMB member!  Details after the jump…

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(Video) Nardwuar vs. Flatbush Zombies


The creatively styled Nardwuar talks to the just as creatively dressed Flatbush Zombies. Of course, when you go visit Nardwuar, you leave with a few gifts. Drop down bottom and see what surprises he has in store for the group.

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