Styles P Gets A Mean Sweet Tooth On Thanksgiving

Styles P

They don’t call him Holiday Styles for nothing! The Ghost (which they also call him, LOL) loves Thanksgiving! He’s lost a lot of weight over the years and gotten much more healthy, but clearly he reserves this day of feasting to go IN! Find out what a Styles P Thanksgiving is all about below.

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Spice Up Your Holiday With These Ciroc Thanksgiving Cocktails From Diddy


Thanksgiving is all about enjoying yourself with your loved ones, and what better way to do that than with a few drinks to pass around. Of course Diddy wants to help with the cause, and shared a few recipes for some Thanksgiving cocktails made with Ciroc that are sure to be a hit. Check out a few of the music mogul’s ideas below! Po’ up!

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(Video) See What A $45K Thanksgiving Dinner Looks Like!


Most normal people spend a few hundred on their Thanksgiving meals. However, there are others who bring a new meaning to the word Thanksgiving by dropping a whooping $45K on their meal!

However, this isn’t just any ordinary Thanksgiving dinner we’re talking about. The owners of the popular Old Homestead Steak House offer a package for men trying to propose to their significant others over Thanksgiving.

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(Video) Order Someone A Package Of Feces For The Holidays! … I’m Serious


Know someone you really don’t like? Or someone’s been real naughty this holiday season? Well now you can forget the coal and just order them a nice wrapped box of feces! WOO! Okay okay enough, I wish this was a joke but people will really make a come up off anything nowadays, that includes selling a healthy pile of feces, from a variety of animals, to anyone on your list. This holiday season just got really, really exciting… to say the least.

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Who Would Do This?? – Needles Found Inside Kids Halloween Candy


There are some sick people in this world…a bunch of trick or treaters discovered sewing needles inside their candy bars last night. More after the jump.

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(Videos) Bars For Days: Halloween Hip Hop Killin The Game Right Now


Halloween is the time for fun costumes, having a great night, maybe getting some candy, and oh yeah BARS. This year the evil creatures of the dark came out lurking, but not to scary you but to kill you with the bars. This year we have ciphers and even beefs being brought to life, enough to make your favorite rapper temporarily rest peace as all of the ghouls come out to play… *evil laughter*.

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(Photos) NAILED It! Karrueche Goes As Lil Kim From “Crush On You” Video For Halloween

Karrueche as Lil Kim

Last night, Karrueche hosted a Halloween party at Hollywood hotspot, The Argyle. Hours before the night began, Kae shared the flyer on Instagram, and added in the caption:

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America’s Favorite Halloween Candy By State


Halloween comes Saturday. Whether revelers trick-or-treat, party, dress up, or just hit the candy sales the next day candy plays a big part in the holiday. Regardless of the festivity of choice, Americans want their sweet tooth satistfied. This is no day for diets. Hit the jump to find out which treat your state stocks up on.

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(Photos) WOW.. Chrissy Teigen Looks Unrecognizable In Her Halloween Costume!

Chrissy Teigen

Halloween is the time of year where people can showcase their creativeness and think of some dope new idea concepts. As for Chrissy Teigen, the wife of John Legend, she really out-did herself this year as far as being unrecognizable is concerned!

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(Photos) Kelly Rowland Takes Baby Titan To The Pumpkin Patch W/ Lance Gross & His Daughter


The kiddie seasons are upon us. With Halloween rapidly approaching, Kelly Rowland gets handsome baby Titan – looking just like his mommy – ready with a visit to a pumpkin patch, full of stacks of hay and … goats.

Check it out down bottom.

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