Eagles fan were shocked yesterday when the news broke that the team released defensive end Jason Babin.  Well fans weren’t the only one surprised. Babin spoke with ESPN’s “NFL Live” after getting the news, check out what he had to say…


Babin told ESPN’s “NFL Live” on Tuesday that his release caught him by surprise.

“Anytime your cell phone rings and it says Andy Reid, you know it’s not good,” he said.

He said Peyton Manning‘s release by the Colts last year proved that no player was untouchable, however.

“In the game of football, you can never be too sure of anything,” he said.

Babin’s release came after the team had earlier placed starting receiver DeSean Jackson on injured reserve with fractured ribs.

“We appreciate everything that Jason has given this team over the last couple of years. We wish him all the best as he continues his career,” coach Andy Reid said in a statement. “By releasing him today, this gives us an opportunity to give more playing time to some of the younger guys in the defensive line rotation.”

Babin said the Eagles’ defensive struggles were a matter of execution and that Reid still had the respect of the Eagles’ players.

“We were practiced hard, coached well and we just didh’t execute as a whole,” he said.

Babin sounded confident that he will soon find a new NFL home.

“I like to win, I like to compete and I like to sack the quarterback. I imagine there’s a team out there looking for that,” he said.