Microsoft is always developing leading technology wowing us in every way. Wether it be their video game console, their next-gen computers and/or tablets. They’re always working on what comes after the “Next” big thing. Trying to pave the way, they’ve developed a speech-to-text technology that can do things never seen before! This truly is an amazing feat accomplished. Hit the jump for details & video.

Tat Wza

Typically, the issues with translation conversion is the arrangement of words. All languages are spoken and received differently; which is quite the hurdle to overcome. They have, and its extremely impressive. The system converts speech-to-text, translates & then arranges the sentence to make sense in its selected language and dialect. Not only that, but the voice used is an adapted version of your own. This is an amazing break through for us as a society. With the diverse demographics of the USA, this could play a major roll in bridging our communication gap.