Bobbi Kristina claims that she has been reaching out to her father Bobby Brown, but he refuses to return any of her calls or texts. Insiders say that its the total opposite and Bobby Brown even invited his daughter to Thanksgiving dinner in which she was a no-show.
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From Radar Online

“Bobby threw a huge Thanksgiving dinner for his family with the help of his wife Alicia at their Tarzana home,” a source close to the Brown family

“But there was one person missing from the table – and that was Krissy. “She was personally invited by Bobby, but she didn’t turn up, nor did she tell him she couldn’t come.

“It was a subdued dinner, with Bobby visibly disappointed that Krissy was a no show. “He’s now wondering if he will ever be able to rebuild his relationship with Krissy ever again,” the source divulged.