Things got CRAZY on First Take today when Chad Johnson joined Skip & Stephen A.  I couldn’t turn away from the TV the interview was so interesting.  Chad has always been a very open person to the public, but this was something even more.  The interview was so raw and real.  Skip & Stephen A. went hard at Chad and Chad held his own and did not back down from almost anything.

The interview started with questions about Evelyn Lozada and what happened between the two.  Stephen A. said numerous times that he wasn’t comfortable talking about it because he doesn’t like talking about someone’s private life.  Technically he’s right.  It’s NOT our business, BUT I can’t lie I was glad Skip asked – I wanted to know all about it!  I was surprised at how super open Chad was about everything.

They also talked about the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide, Chad’s release from the Dolphins, when he played for the Patriots & much more. I didn’t like the fact that they compared Chad to Jovan. Chad had done something wrong, but he never took anyone’s life and it’s not comparable. At some points it seemed like Chad was getting interrogated versus being interviewed, but it was a great interview overall on all sides.
Check out what Chad tweeted after the show and a few of the highlights…


*Chad’s tweets above in gallery*

Chad Johnson talks to Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless about the incident that led to his wife filing for divorce:


Chad Johnson discusses his release by the Dolphins and the Javon Belcher murder-suicide:


Chad Johnson says that he will get another opportunity to play in the NFL:

Source: ESPN