(Video) NBA: Stephen A. Smith Says Kevin Durant Choosing Warriors ‘Weakest Move By Superstar’

Today Kevin Durant finally made his free agency decision and it was a HUGE one.  Durant agreed to a two-year, $54 million deal with the Golden State Warriors including a player option after the first season.  Durant did say it would be a basketball decision and while some championed him for getting a guaranteed ring and lauded the Warriors as completely unbeatable, others were upset with Durant for joining forces with not only a team that went 73-9 last season, but also the team that eliminated his from the NBA playoffs. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was part of the latter group and delivered the expected “Stephen A. rant.”

(Photo) NBA: Stephen A Smith Addresses Ayesha Curry’s Tweets & She Responds To Him

Apparently Ayesha Curry didn’t learn much from last night and her twitter fingers are still going. She must’ve been watching “First Take” on ESPN this morning because she was quick to respond to comments that Stephen A Smith made in regards to her actions compared to those of Lebron’s wife, Savannah. Mrs. Curry did not appreciate what Smith was saying and she let him know about it.

(Video) NBA: Jamie Foxx Hilariously Impersonates Stephen A Smith After Cavs Beat Raptors

The Cleveland Cavaliers advanced to the NBA Finals last night in relatively easy fashion, as they defeated the Raptors 113-87. Since the score was so lopsided the game itself wasn’t very entertaining but luckily Jamie Foxx was around to make up for it after the game. He did a hilarious impersonation of Stephen A Smith talking about Lebron James and it will make your day.

(Video) NBA: Glenn Robinson Calls Stephen A. Smith Racist & Skip’s ‘Crash Course Dummy’

Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson did NOT accept Stephen A. Smith’s quasi-apology Tuesday morning, instead he fired back at Smith and flipped the script on him.

(Video) NBA: Stephen A. Smith Kinda Apologizes & Declines to Fight Glenn Robinson

Earlier today I posted a video of Glenn Robinson offering to set up an MMA style cage match to fight Stephen A. Smith to solve and end their beef.  Today on ESPN’s First Take, Smith addressed the comments and declined the fight.

(Video) NBA: Glenn Robinson Offers to Set Up a Fight With Stephen A. Smith to Settle Their Beef

Stephen A. Smith’s bite better be as big as his bark if he accepts Glenn Robinson’s challenge.  The former NBA star says he wants to end the beef with Smith once and for all and is willing to set up a cage match for them to duke it out.

NBA: Kyrie Irving Responds to Report Saying He Wants to Leave the Cleveland Cavaliers

Things seemed to be falling apart for the Cleveland Cavaliers so the rumors began about trouble in paradise.  ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said Kyrie Irving was unhappy in Cleveland and would prefer to suit up for another franchise on First Take.  Following the Cavs 100-96 win over the Indiana Pacers on Monday, Irving responded to that report.

(Video) NBA: Stephen A. Smith Threatens Kevin Durant: “You Don’t Want to Make An Enemy Out Of Me”

The Kevin Durant and Stephen A. Smith saga has taken a dramatic turn.  It all began when Smith said sources told him Durant preferred to go to the Lakers if he decided to leave the Thunder.  Durant fired back, calling Smith a “liar” and saying none of his family members or friends speak to the ESPN anchor.  Smith responded to Durant on Twitter saying he never claimed to speak to Durant or his family members and that he is not a liar.  As you know it’s Stephen A. and a simple tweet response would not be enough, after all, his show “First Take” is built on drama.  So today during the show, Smith delivered a WWE style rant to come at KD.

(Photos) NBA: Stephen A Smith Rips Kevin Durant For Calling Him A Liar, Goes Off On Him

Now, you didn’t expect Stephen A Smith to stay quiet about this did you? I know most of us hoped he wouldn’t respond but he couldn’t help himself. Stephen A heard KD called him a liar and went off on Durant for his remarks.

NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Stephen A Smith A “Liar” Over Lakers Rumors, Claims He Never Speaks To Him

Kevin Durant is already on edge when it comes to dealing with the media and he should be. He has had to listen to constant nonsense rumors over the years about himself & Russell Westbrook not getting along, the constant negativity large portions of the media like to revel in, mistreatment and more. After today you can add Stephen A Smith to the list of people KD probably wants nothing to do with ever.

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