IFWT_Stephen A Glenn Robinson

Stephen A. Smith’s bite better be as big as his bark if he accepts Glenn Robinson’s challenge.  The former NBA star says he wants to end the beef with Smith once and for all and is willing to set up a cage match for them to duke it out.

Robinson joined the guys on the “TMZ Sports” TV show to respond to an interview Smith did last week in which S.A.S. said he “despises” Robinson for being a hypocrite on race issues in the NBA.

Smith basically said Robinson always talked about helping black people succeed in non-player roles in the NBA  but then trashed his former 76ers coach, Randy Ayers, who is black and was nice to his coach George Karl, who is white.

Robinson says Stephen A. is full of crap, he claims the real beef stems from a heated exchange in the locker room during his playing days in which Robinson got in Smith’s face and it almost got physical.

Bottom line, the 6’7″ world class athlete says he’s sick of talking and calls out 6’1″ Mr. Smith.

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