Samsung took to their blog today to make an announcement about a software upgrade. Initially being released internationally, carriers will then decide if they want to push the upgrade to their subscribers or not. This upgrade is feature packed, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Hit the jump for video and details on the upgrade…

Tat Wza

Contextual Awareness

Page Buddy: Phone will predict actions. [ex. Plug headphones in, Music Player opens]

Contextual Menu: List of apps will be most recent, making it easy to find apps or recent files for attachment.

Contextual Tag: After taking a picture, you can tag weather, date and place immediately after.

Enhanced Features

Multi Window: Open two different apps at the same damn time, with a 2-window view.

Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC: With camera set to ‘Auto Share Shot’ mode, just tap your Galaxy S III with other NFC and S-Beam enabled devices to share photos and videos instantly.

Reader Mode: Adjust the size of text instantly, with just a double-tap to share a webpage.

Facebook Lock Ticker: View your Facebook News Feed from your lock screen. [Feature can be toggled on and off]

Samsung Tomorrow