With the soaring growth in mobile gaming, comes a high demand for more! How can we game more, what more can we do with games, and how can we keep it mobile? Well many companies are stepping outside of the box; not so much the development of software as it is the hardware that could make the difference. Hit the jump to see some some cool new gadgets perfect for the mobile gamer this holiday season.

Tat Wza

As you can see, these devices are extremely impressive; most importantly they’re mobile and compact. We use our phones almost as much as we breath, so its not shocking that there has been a ton of mobile gaming development. Almost enough to make a dent in the growth of gaming consoles. [ex. Xbox, PS3, Wii] Video game sales… console, disc gaming, accessories were down 24% just this past 3rd quarter. The Big Three know mobile gaming is a heavy weight contender with the growth of social, mobile and PC gaming, and they’ll need to keep renewing their vision to keep up.


Purchase links below…

• iCade 8-Bitty

Gameloft Duo Gamer

Discovery Bay Duo Pinball