On Monday, the 49ers suspended RB Brandon Jacobs for the final three games of the season after  a series of posts on social media sites (Instagram and Twitter) addressing his lack of playing time this past weekend.  Word is that Brandon thought he’d get cut and find a new team, but apparently the 49ers caught onto his plan and that’s why they suspended him…so he’d have to sit on the sideline and probably not get picked up next season because of all the drama.
I’d love to know what Brandon has to say about this (for the record, I’d love to see Jacobs back with the Giants).  Report after the jump…


According to ProFootballZone:

A close friend of running back Brandon Jacobs told the New York Daily News that he was trying to get released by the 49ers in hopes of re-signing with the Giants.

Brandon Jacobs realized very early this season that “he never should’ve left the Giants,” according to one of his friends. And he was hoping, the source said, that after his Instagram rant about “rotting away” and hating his boss, that he’d get cut so he could call Giants GM Jerry Reese as soon as he cleared waivers and set up his triumphant return.