Mark-Sanchez Cover pic

While the football world has talked endlessly about the Jets possibly cutting or trying to trade Mark Sanchez, he says he hasn’t thought about it at all.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Sanchez was supposed to be the face of the Jets, a quarterback who would parlay great team success in his first two seasons into a long run as the leader of the offense.  He went from leading them to two consecutive AFC Championship appearances to getting death threats on twitter.

He was asked Friday if he wanted to remain with the Jets after this season.

“I really haven’t even thought about it,” Sanchez told the New York Daily News, making a statement that can’t possibly be truthful. “I’m a Jet, that’s all I’ve known.”

When healthy, Sanchez started every game of his four-year NFL career. That will change Sunday, when Greg McElroy takes over the gig, at least on a temporary basis. Coach Rex Ryan hasn’t announced if Sanchez or Tim Tebow will be the backup for McElroy.