NBA Rumor: Hawks Taking Trade Calls for Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver & Thabo Sefolosha

The NBA trade deadline is approaching which means the rumor mill is up and running.  Atlanta Hawks star Pual Millsap is reportedly on the trading block as he nears free agency.

(Video) NBA: OKC Lets Ibaka Go For A Song And A Dance

Sooooo, Oklahoma City has traded Serge Ibaka to Orlando Magic on draft day. WTH. How are they gonna get to finals next year?

NBA Report: Atlanta Hawks Trading Jeff Teague to Indiana Pacers in 3-Team Deal

It was expected that the Atlanta Hawks would seen trade Jeff Teague and now we have his destination.  In a three-team deal, Teague is going to the Indiana Pacers.

NBA Report: Bulls Could Look to Trade Jimmy Butler This Offseason

The Chicago Bulls were expected to be pretty good this year with the emergence of Jimmy Butler and a healthy Derrick Rose (well as healthy as he’s gonna get apparently).  Instead they’ve had a disastrous season.  They’re currently sitting at 37-37, the No. 9 spot in the Eastern Conference and out of the playoffs if things don’t change in the remaining eight games.  The Bulls haven’t gelled under new head coach Fred Hoiberg and with Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol becoming free agents, the team could look different next year.  In fact, they may not be the only ones gone; their new franchise player could be on the way out as well.

NFL: Report, Colin Kaepernick Requests Trade From 49ers

Just a few days ago, the San Francisco 49ers decided to announce they will keep Colin Kaepernick on the roster, saying they plan to keep him past the April 1st deadline where his almost $12 million dollar salary becomes guaranteed for next year. Now it doesn’t mean they were going to definitely keep him. They could have still traded or released him later this year if they felt he wasn’t going to work out but it looks like he is beating them to it, reportedly requesting a trade himself.

NBA: LA Clippers Trade Lance Stephenson to Memphis Grizzlies

The Los Angeles Lakers hit a shot at the buzzer, unloading Lance Stephenson to the Memphis Grizzlies just before the 3 p.m trade deadline.

NBA: Phoenix Suns Finally Part With Markieff Morris & Trade Him to Washington Wizards

It’s no secret that Markieff Morris has been unhappy with the Phoenix Suns since they traded his twin brother Marcus to the Detroit Pistons.  He recently laid off the public berating of the team and reportedly changed his mind, saying that he wanted to stay.  Well it was too little too late and they traded him to the Washington Wizards just minutes before the NBA trade deadline.

NBA: Doc Rivers Dismisses Griffin Rumors: ‘We’re not trading Blake’

The NBA trade deadline is approaching and there’s been a lot of rumblings about possible deals for Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin.  Now we all know GM’s and presidents often lie but Doc Rivers continues to reiterate that they are NOT trading Griffin.

NBA: Possible Trade Involving Carmelo Joining Lebron & Kevin Love Going To Boston Being Discussed

I am sure some people think this is just more trade deadline rumors but this story seems to have some legs to it. It sounds very possible that Carmelo Anthony could wind up playing side by side with Lebron next week if people involved in the trade talks get their way.

NBA: Report, Rockets & Dwight Howard Working On Trade During All Star Weekend

Houston Rockets fans, take a good look at Dwight Howard because you may have already seen him play his last game in Rockets jersey. Reports say that Dwight is working with the team to find potential trade partners, and that search is continuing during all-star weekend since things would need to happen before the trade deadline next week.

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