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NBA Report: Kevin Love Won’t Opt-In & Wants to Be Free Agent in 2015, Cavs Still Willing to Trade For Him


The Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls have all made substantial offers to trade for Kevin Love.  It appears that he’s likely heading to the Cavs but there’s one problem.  Love reportedly isn’t willing to opt-in on the final year of his contract, he wants to be a free agent in 2015 and listen to offers.  Now it’s likely if he’s traded to the Cavaliers, he will re-sign with the team so he can continue playing with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving but it’s a big risk to take especially since they would have to give up their No. 1 draft pick, Andrew Wiggins.  It could work out like Chris Paul and the Clippers or they could get a Dwight Howard and Lakers situation.

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NBA: Knicks Reportedly Open To Trading Iman Shumpert or JR Smith; This Player Is “Untouchable”

Knicks, Pacers, NBA, Playoffs

This report shouldn’t come as a shock, we’ve been hearing about Shump and Stat trade rumors for a while.  Now JR Smith is getting thrown back into the mix along with Shane Larkin.  BUT there is one Knicks baller that is reportedly “untouchable” (besides Melo of course).
Hi the jump for the report…

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NBA: Report, Cavs Now Willing To Trade Andrew Wiggins After Lebron Personally Calls Kevin Love


All it took was one phone call from the King to change the Cleveland Cavaliers way of thinking. Ever since Lebron announced last week that he was returning to the Cavs, the team has been in constant talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves regarding trading for Kevin Love. The deal has been pretty stagnant due to the fact the Cavs said they were unwilling to trade number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins. Apparently as of last night that has changed and it is all thanks to Bron himself. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Texans Andre Johnson Demands Trade, Four Teams Reportedly Interested


Andre Johnson has quietly been one of the best receivers in the NFL for a decade now and he is just tired of losing. Most players, especially in his position would of made a stink years ago about being stuck on a bad team and not getting a legit chance to win even though they are one of the best players in the league at the wide receiver spot. Not Johnson though, that’s not his style. He is humble, classy and polite, but eventually it wears on you no matter who you are. Reports are saying that Johnson wants the Texans to trade him before this season starts and he is already holding out. Most players get a bad rep for holding out, but Johnson is different. Hit the jump.

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NBA (Report): The Rockets Have Traded Jeremy Lin To The Lakers


LeBron made his decision and now other moves are happening!  The Houston Rockets have traded guard Jeremy Lin and a future first-round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers.
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NBA (Rumors): Knicks Talking Trade With Sixers — These Two Knicks Stars Would Go, What Do You Think?!

Amare Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert

Hmmmm, I’ve seen mixed reactions on this.  Word today is that my Knicks are in trade talks with the 76ers — and the Knicks are looking to trade two of their stars — Amar’e Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert.  I’d love to see Shump stay with the team, but there’s a lot that can happen.  What do you guys think about this???  Hit the jump for details…

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NBA: Nets Agree To Trade Jason Kidd’s Coaching Rights To The Bucks


We heard about this yesterday and it looks like it’s official today.  Jason Kidd wanted more power with the Nets and after his failed attempt, he’s now headed to the Bucks.  Hit the jump for details…

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NBA: Things Are Changing Already! Knicks Trade Tyson Chandler & Raymond Felton To Mavericks


What a surprise this was for Knicks fans. Just a short time ago the Knicks agreed to trade Tyson Chandler along with Raymond Felton to the Dallas Mavericks. The Knicks aren’t getting any big names in return but we are getting some solid players along with draft picks for tomorrow’s draft! We all had a feeling Chandler might be on the way out of town and with the season Felton had it seems he needs a fresh start somewhere else. Hit the jump for more on the deal.

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Pope Excommuniates Italian Mafia Members


This January in Italy a three year boy and his grandfather were walking in the streets when they were hit by stray bullets. They are the victims of a organized crime organization and sadly this story is not surprising. There has been a huge a mafia influence in Sicily for years. This Saturday Pope Francis visited the family of this three year old boy. After his visit the Pope declared that ALL mobsters are excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

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NBA: Bulls Reportedly Willing To Trade Anyone But Derrick Rose; Take A Wild Guess At Who They Want


I’m pretty sure none of this will come as a surprise to anyone.  The Bulls are looking to make major moves with the team and apparently it will come at any cost — with the exception of Derrick Rose.
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