The saddened place of Newtown, CT will lay to rest the last of the victim’s today.  Three little children will be buried they are Josephine Gay, Ana Marquez-Greene, and Emilie Parker.  Hit the jump for a small piece of their parent’s final words.

Steph B

Josephine Joey Grace Gay:

Her parents wrote in a statement that their daughter, who suffered from a neurological disorder that left her unable to speak, had “a wonderful sense of humor” and “touched the lives of so many around her.” She loved to spend time with her sisters, swim, swing, and play with her Barbie dolls, iPad and computer.

Ana Grace Marquez-Greene:

Never walked anywhere; her “mode of transportation was to dance,” her obituary states. Born into a musical family, her love for music can clearly be seen in a home video that shows her singing .”

Emilie Parker:

Loved to try new things — with the exception of new foods. Her father, Robbie Parker, says that the perpetually smiling 6-year-old would have been one of the first ones to be standing and giving support to all the victims because that’s the kind of kid she is,” ABC reported.