A man died after being pushed in front of a 7 train in Queens last night. The man was pushed by a woman who was said to have been mumbling to herself. So far there is no word as to if the victim knew the woman who pushed him or if anyone tried to help him back onto the platform or even warn the train conductor. The story comes shortly after the tragic death of Ki-Suck Han who was pushed by a mentally ill man. There’s also no word as to who the victim was but there is a description of the woman who pushed him. The police have now released a video of the woman in question running away from the subway station. Read and watch more below.

Julie A.

The woman is described as being in her 20s, heavyset, who stands at about 5 foot 5 inches. She was spotted wearing a blue, gray, and white ski jacket with gray Nike sneakers with red bottoms. The woman is believed to be Hispanic. She seemed to have been following him before she shoved him but he didn’t notice her.