The Toronto Raptors are having another disappointing season as they sit with a 10-20 record.  Clearly some changes have to made and trading Andrea Bargnani is apparently one of them.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

It has been widely assumed for months that the Raptors would try to package (Jose) Calderon’s expiring deal with (Andrea) Barngani’s in hopes of landing a top-flight player in return. But the Raps have actually functioned better so far this season when (Kyle) Lowry — who brings an undeniable “swagger,” as coach Dwane Casey likes to say, but is also undeniably up and down with his moods — has been out of the lineup nursing a variety of injuries.

One source close to the situation said Friday that Bargnani remains “a lock to be moved.” That naturally depends on finding a taker for the underachieving Italian forward, but Lowry’s contract shouldn’t be too hard to attach to a trade.

One of the proposed trades was sending Bargnani to the Lakers in a trade that would send Pau Gasol to the Raptors.  For now the Lakers are looking much improved but that doesn’t guarantee Gasol’s safety.  Not that he’s ever really safe..