Major changes in the public school system in Philadelphia are projected after numbers show 80% of 11th grade students read below grade level and 85% percent were below grade level in mathematics. Philadelphia public school officials credit the poor scores to crumbling campuses that end up underused, underfunded, and underperforming. The move to close the campuses will herd students into the remaining 200 schools in the district and will mean more funding for the schools as a result of the closings. Hit the jump for more.

In attempt to help solve some of the financial and academic issues in the Philadelphia School district, expecting to lose 1.1 Billion dollars worth of funding over the next 4 years they made drastic cuts. With state and federal education funding down, and after they already had to borrow the money to pay for this year the cut of the 37 schools will allow them to focus their attention on the fewer schools and make real improvements.

New York Times