I almost couldn’t type the headline without laughing. Jets destined for greatness Mark? Really? Are we talking about the same Jets here? In a interview yesterday Sanchez tells of a talk he had with Rex Ryan the other day, where he suggests Ryan told him he will be the starter next season. He tried to focus on a few positive things to take away from this past season, which I guess you have to do when the entire NFL lost respect for the organization. It wasn’t so bad that the Jets were bad on the field, that is pretty common, but its the circus the Jets became off the field that turned everybody off from the team. I do not see many free agents wanting to come there in the near future. They better hope Darrell Revis comes back to 100% and that defense plays how it used to be because I just do not see Sanchez developing much further than he has. Read the full story by clicking the link after the jump.