Aeroscraft, a Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle, is designed to move payload of all sizes and weights. Airships and Hybrid Airships usually need to reballast, or balance weight for lift after holding a large amount of weight. Older Airships would reballast by soaking up water & sand to help build weight for movement which would then effect the grounds around it. This then causes a divit or hole of some sort after the ship is gone.

Tat Wza

Below is a mock up of what benefits the Aersocraft would have if used for military use. 

With the Aeroscraft, the fans make it possible for the aircraft to hover and floats making entry and exit extremely easy. Major uses would be natural disasters where possibly the airport is destroyed. Float the Aeroscraft in for supplies, food or even to get people to safety. The Aersocraft makes for a smooth arrival and departure with limited changed to its natural surroundings.