245 people have been arrested in a United States led international child sex-abuse operation. All but 23 of the suspects were arrested within the United States. Those arrested were charged with child pornography and sexual abuse as well as child exploitation in the operation led by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or simply known as ICE. 123 victims of child exploitation were identified and 44 were removed from their abusers, the rest of the children were being exploited by people outside of their homes or were abused as children and are now over the age of 18. The victims were as young as three-years-old. Read more below.

Julie A.

10 of the 123 victims who were identified live in different states in the U.S. and only six were found not in this country. Some of those arrested were already registered sex offenders. Operation “Sunflower” ran through November and December and is now working on more cases. Some of the abuse goes back 11 years according to CNN, but it’s better late than never. I firmly believe there is a special place in hell for people who do such horrific things to children.